Email Marketing- your address may be outdated but email certainly isn’t

Is email marketing dead?

Email marketing is not dead and essentially email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to communicate with customers for a particular business. Emails don’t require postage and they wouldn’t require fees or phone bills for either sending text messages or calling customers. There are 3 types of leads in regards to emails, they are

1. word of mouth   2. inbound    3. outbound

Cold e-mailing is very effective in regards to marketing. It’s an untapped resource because it’s the cheapest and least invasive form of marketing. Compared to cold calls it’s more convenient for customers and allows them to access the material on their own time when it’s convenient to them. I once received an email from a partner company who shared email addresses. I had bought something at their partner’s store and gave them my email when checking out. Since the partner company had similar merchandise the e-mail marketing their new store opening in the area intrigued me and led me to not only go look at their website but visit their new store and buy something as well. Though some customers may avoid these types of emails and regard them as spam, they’re an effective way to spread your business’s message to potential customers. Another statistic on email marketing is that email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter which I found surprising.

When composing emails for a business be sure to use headers that are clear and truthful and aren’t false or misleading. The subject line also should be deceptive in order to get potential customers to open the email. Also, ensure that at the bottom of the email there’s an unsubscribe link for customers who want to opt-out of receiving emails. This is an essential part of e-mail marketing because some customers who are added to the emailing list won’t want to receive emails as frequently as your business sends them. Another tip is have the unsubscribe link lead the user to a website where they can specific if they would simply want to receive emails less frequently or completely unsubscribe from the business’s emailing list. This allows customers to select the frequency of emails they receive but still allows the business to market to a wide range of customers.

Here are some e-mail marketing tips to ensure your business is sending the most effective and informative e-mails to customers:

Email marketing is growing and when I began to ponder it, email marketing has been effective on me as a customer. I receive emails from Nordstrom. I receive roughly 3 emails a week and I’ve noticed that the emails I receive are personalized to me and are based on my previous purchase history as well. When I compared the emails I receive to the emails my mother receives from Nordstrom’s the emails are personalized and tailored to each of us based on the segment of the target market we fall into. Here’s a sample email I received from Nordstrom’s during their anniversary sale which resulted in me going to the store to purchase sales items.

Hubspot also discussed what factors help businesses send the right email to the right customer. As a business, you should:

1. Determine the accurate audience

2. Assess your contact database and segment it accordingly

3. Assess at what point in the buyer stage your engaging with the customers

Before watching the Hubspot video, I didn’t know that there are more than 3.2 billion email accounts today which rivals with the amount of Facebook profiles there are worldwide. Also, since such a large portion of the internet users don’t only have email accounts but check them regularly so ultimately using emails as a way of communicating with customers is essential for your business.

email marketing

Similar to inbound email strategies, businesses should also follow the same standards in regards to inbound sales. Very few customers want to be randomly approached to by a product through outbound sales. Many customers would prefer to have interacted with a business or have an interest in a product and them be approached through inbound sales instead, myself included. Though sales and marketing are in different departments in a business and perform different functions they’re still integral to each other and the tasks and functions they perform go hand in hand. When Googling inbound sales definitions from various sites, they all discussed how inbound marketing is the combination of sales and marketing which cemented my belief that the two departments go hand in hand. A key component of inbound sales is understanding what it takes to sell your product or services which will ultimately will make your business successful.

Hubspot defined the combination of sales and marketing as smarketing

To integrate the two departments Hubspot had 5 suggestions to improve inbound sales:

1. Speak the same language

2.Set up closed-loop reporting

3. Implementing a service level agreement

4. Maintaining open channels of communication

5. Collecting and analyzing the data your business possesses

As inbound sales evolves it’s important for businesses to be adaptive and to have a clear understanding on what customers want as well.

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