Why should you learn coding as a Marketer?

Why is coding important for me to know as a marketer? I won’t be coding at my post grad job right? 

Though you might not be coding on a day to day basis at your job as a marketer, coding knowledge is still an important skill to possess. According to Bloomberg Business in their article, Now if You Want a Job, Go to Code School, they delve into the increasing importance placed on having coding knowledge in the real world when applying for jobs. Coding skills are essential and can set you apart in the interview process. As a marketer, being able to communicate with the marketing group and agree on a new design is essential but being able to make some of these changes through coding can make you an invaluable asset to your company.

Instead of having to meet with the marketing team, agree on a new design for the website, meet with the developer and coding team and discuss changes, and then communicate with the marketing team if the changes aren’t practical, the marketer with coding skills would have enough background knowledge and be able to assess during the meeting if the changes would be practical for the coder to implement. As stated in a blog post, by Wade Forester, “A marketer who can get their hands dirty will be much more effective than one that always has to lean on a developer. Being able to edit the copy directly via HTML {or} reposition an element on the page via CSS will let a marketer iterate quicker without distracting the development team.“.

Ultimately, having coding knowledge makes you valuable and can make implementing your marketing changes easier. According to the article by Bloomberg Business roughly 70% of graduates go on to take some sort of coding classes even if it’s simply going through the Code Academy course on HTML and CSS. Bloomberg Business discussed how, “six months after finishing the coding program, 59 percent report a salary increase, averaging $23,000 annually” which really pays off in the long run and makes up for the $11,000 tuition that students pay to go through coding programs.

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title> Hi! </title> </head> </html>

If these don’t look familiar to you now, by the time you finish with Code Academy they will become very familiar to you.

<> are known as tags. Tags come in pairs and consist of an opening tag and a closing tag. Tags are the only way you can code using HTML and when I took CS202 there was an instance where I spent hours trying to figure out why my code didn’t work, to discover I simply had forgotten to close my html tag. Key takeaway, tags are important and it may be beneficial to write both the opening and closing tag at the same time to ensure you’ve closed your tag and won’t forget to close the tag after writing many lines of code.

Inside the tags are different elements such as html, head, title, body, p, h1, and div which all do different things in your HTML website.

Here’s an image of my first time using Code Academy:

Capture.PNG - coding

After 2 hours on Code Academy here’s where I got to.

Capture.PNG - coding 4

Overall, Code Academy was a good refresher from my CS 102 and CS 202 classes. In my opinion, Code Academy is a great resource for someone who’s never coded before however for someone who’s done basic coding before, Code Academy feels like riding a bike with training wheels on. The tutorials and lessons walk you through exactly what to do – and if you try to move around different tags and submit your code you’ll get an error because it is designed for you to follow the directions exactly. I did however like Code Academy because of it’s straightforwardness and how you could progress at your own speed. They have other tutorials in JavaScript and Python and I plan to come back to Code Academy this summer to learn Python coding.

After completing my time with Code Academy, I moved on to play around with a Squarespace website. Here’s a link to my site. Overall, I like Squarespace because it allows a business to make a website that can display their products, and allows customers to buy these products – all through a single platform..


While playing around with Squarespace, I made a website focused on photography that displayed various photos and also allowed visitors to be converted into customers through a purchase tab on the website that allowed visitors to purchase prints of the photos.

  1. Here are some Pros of using Squarespace:
    1. Provides various designs and layouts for websites
    2. Allows unification with purchasing and displaying products
    3. Doesn’t require coding knowledge to alter the website

2. Here are some Cons of using Squarespace:

    1. The layout of the editing page isn’t straight forward
    2. Not as user friendly
    3. Less flexibility with altering the design

There are some examples of Squarespace websites provided in this link which illustrates 20 examples of webpages for different businesses created through Squarespace. My favorite example was of a restaurant that provides their menu and prices all on their Squarespace page. Here’s an image of their page below
Ultimately, if you’re a marketer searching for a job, learning coding skills will make you a better qualified candidate and make you a more valuable asset to the company you’re working for.
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