Mobile Marketing – m. sites and mobile apps

The way people consume content is rapidly changing as marketing is shifting from traditional media to digital media. This shift towards mobile marketing requires digital marketers to adjust their content and webpage layout accordingly. The majority of digital consumers utilize both desktop and mobile platforms to access content. Mobile devices provide access to apps that are personalized for certain businesses and aren’t accessible on a desktop device. However, what I found interesting from reading through the articles is that many mobile apps aren’t as effective as mobile searching and mobile optimization. For example, 70% of web traffic to on Black Friday came from mobile search illustrating how Walmart’s mobile app isn’t as effective as searching on a mobile device. Overall, mobile internet usage has dramatically grown in the past few years and approximately 20% of internet traffic comes from mobile. Another quickly developing aspect of mobile is e-commerce and being able to make purchases on mobile devices. Moz discussed how, “according to Google, 35% of mobile visitors in 2012 have made a purchase on a smartphone”, which is a significant percentage of online sales.


What makes a mobile app successful? Ultimately, a mobile app should benefit the customer in some way that regular mobile web browsing doesn’t, such as coupons, free shipping, or other customer benefits. By adding in benefits, it will attract more customers to download your business’s mobile app and potentially allowing your business to reach customers on a mobile device they use frequently. In my experience, geo-tracking is an extremely beneficial tool that many successful mobile marketers have used. One company that I’ve seen do this well is Starbucks.

When I get close to a Starbucks I’ll receive notifications about rewards I can redeem based on my proximity to a nearby store location. This is beneficial because it allows sales to grow, something which otherwise couldn’t be accomplished through simple mobile web browsing. Starbucks has also set up an extremely beneficial app that allows customers to pay through their phone and earn rewards towards discounts and free drinks, which is why 16% of purchases are made through their mobile app.


Though mobile apps are beneficial to large corporations they may not be as effective for smaller business owners or businesses that only provide informational content based via their app. Some of the most successful apps on the App Store are the top 4 social media sites and games. Before investing the time and money to create a mobile app, see if a mobile adaption of your website will provide customers with enough content. Luckily mobile adaption of websites is fairly easy. When creating a mobile version of your website it’s essential to have your mobile website mirror the desktop website. Through HTML 5, a web developer can simply add a piece of Java script code to allow the browser to detect the type of device being used and adapt the format accordingly. Essentially, with this Java script code a web browser can recognize that a customer is browsing on a mobile device and adapt the site to m. which formats and adjusts all content to fit and display on a smaller screen. As mobile device use continues to grow, mobile marketing and mobile adaption will become increasingly important to businesses in order to maintain and grow their customer base.

This Moz article detailed the experiences several marketers have faced in mobile marketing.

“In my experience as an SEO consultant, in order to effect change, you have to:

  • Convince key players that change is important
  • Know enough about the problem, the site, and the available solutions to recommend the best strategy
  • Be an active player in the implementation, making sure that the solution is implemented properly, and that the change doesn’t create any new SEO problems”

break down

Here are a few highlights on why using mobile advertising as a marketer is beneficial:

  • Smart phones aren’t going away – and they provide ways to capitalize on the opportunities now
  • Businesses can run targeted campaigns through mobile
  • Mobile applications and mobile optimized websites have higher engagement
  • Geo-targeting is a more effective way of tracking and targeting users
  • There’s no added costs associated with creating mobile versions of websites

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