It’s not Goodbye, but I’ll see you later – What I can do for you as your Digital Marketer

I’m not going to lie, when I first started this class I didn’t fully know what to expect, but I was excited to learn more about digital marketing. Throughout the quarter, I’ve learned an immense amount and been able to apply that knowledge back to other marketing courses as well. There are so many instances where I’ve become more aware of the marketing going on around me such as remarketing between websites, paid advertisement through sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, SEO (search engine optimization) results based on geo- tracking and demographic profiles, and so many other digital marketing tactics.

This has easily been my favorite marketing elective, and it’s revitalized me to complete the marketing concentration. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s graduated has tied their interest in marketing or their career path back to this digital marketing course. After completing this course, I can see why. The way marketers interact with customers is changing more now than ever before, and I truly believe that this course has helped me to be extremely well prepared for a potential career in marketing. I’ve grown through the various certificates I’ve earned, Google Analytics, Hoot Suite, and Google AdWords. I’ve also grown through analyzing articles and white papers from Moz and HubSpot and the push to find my own examples of how digital marketing topics are being applied

At first, blogging before every class seemed daunting, however I’ve immensely enjoyed reading through the articles on my professor’s blog and also going out and finding my own examples of how certain topics are relevant in my own life.

If you’ve been a Western student following my blog I highly recommend this course not only because of the relevant skills I’ve acquired but also because it ties into many different fields such as computer science, management information systems, management, communications and psychology. For me personally, it’s reaffirmed why the coding skills I’m acquiring through my MIS degree and E-commerce developer certificate are extremely useful. More importantly, this class has given me areas to pursue where my marketing skills and MIS skills will both be useful in areas such as data analytics.

I’ll leave you with some stats about my blogging over the past 3 months to wrap up. Through my time in digital marketing, I completed 16 blog posts over the quarter and I was surprised to realize that I’ve written 14,417 words in total over the past 11 weeks.

Capture - digi

Overall, my blog has received 253 blog views and 151 visitors. I received the most views on my Social Media Marketing post and also got reblogged several times on my Inbound Marketing post as well!

Thanks for following my blog, and I hope you learned as much as I did along the way!



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